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miércoles, febrero 12, 2014

Ecoclick y aliados en el MARATÓN CAF: "Vive la Experiencia de Ser un EcoVoluntario"

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From: Ecoclick
Date: 2014-02-11 22:21 GMT-04:00
Subject: Vive la Experiencia de Ser un EcoVoluntario

Ecoamigos Greetings!
Once again it is a pleasure to invite you to put our sincere collaboration for the country and the world we want. 
This time info we have the opportunity to Differentiated Collection for recycling plastic bottles
one of the higher-profile sporting events in our city,  CAF Caracas Marathon 2014 , on Sunday February 23. 

Furthermore we want to do as the Committed environmental volunteering, city, lively and we are, acting in an Organized
networking and show, as info we have done since the conference Recycling in Venezuela we are ready to recycle!
What to do?
  • Being from 6:00 a.m. on the point of designating Hydration to start the activity.
  • Collect discarded plastic water bottles runners and collected in sacks.  
  • Willingness to work in a team with Responsibility and care in the use of resources (exchanges and other materials)
We welcome children, youth, adults and athletes of all ages and physical conditions.
If you list your hours @ to donate and want to Participate Marathon In this activity, join in the Following link: 

In advance thanks for the positive feedback and support always doing lot Given us
See you soon, 
Recycling, we use our energy to clean Venezuela!

Ecoclick Team
Ecoclick :
reciclahoyvenezuela @ gmail.com
TWITTER: @ ecoClickVe 

Choose a point That is nearest you
Address of the Points of Hydration

Km2 Towers of Silence, Av West 2 
Km 4. Av San Martin, Station Square Capuchins
Km 6. Av San Martin, Artigas Station
Km 8. Lions Peace Bridge End Av O'Higgins before Redoma India
Km 10 El Paraiso, Av Páez, between the zoo and Pedagogical Institute
Km12 Flowers Iron Bridge Av Páez before Villa Zoila
Km 14 Las Acacias, Home Av Victoria
Km 16 Paseo Los Heroes, Retail Sector Flag, Los Rosales.
Km 18 Final Walk Los Heroes, before the Military Academy.
Km 20 Paseo Los Heroes versus Military Circle
22 Km Walk The Illustrious Compared UCV. Faculty of Dentistry.
Km 24 vs. Casanova Av. CC El Recreo. 
Ser Km 26 Av de Las Mercedes front Mamma Mia
Chuao against Eurobuilding Km 28, Av La Guairita
Km 30 Av Rio de Janeiro. Caurimare Distance
Km 32 Av Rio de Janeiro. Macaracuay Distance
Km 34 Av Francisco de Miranda, Ctro Seguros La Paz. Boleíta
Km 36 Av Francisco de Miranda, the East Park Entrance Station Miranda
Km 38 Av Francisco de Miranda, Chacao Farmatodo Season
Km 40 Av Fco Solano c / Calle Las Delicias Waterfront Italian Book. Las Delicias de Sabana Grande
Km 42 ARRIVAL. Paseo Colón - Park Caobos. 20.
Details of the challenge:
-Collect 178,200 plastic bottles to be generated for the hydration of the 10,700 registered runners in the journey of 42 kms, I distributed
along the road by 20 points over the arrival of hydration in the Park along Paseo Colón Caobos. 
-Ask the Differentiated collection with Ecovolunteers equipment, embolsarla and mount it on the truck sent to the Collection Center and later to its ultimate destination at the Recycling Plant Ecoplast. 
-To Ensure That 3.8 tons of PET plastic one, have a responsible destination, making eco-efficient way, ie inclusive, educational and generating quality of life.


Great Wave group from Ecoclick

Ecoclick - Connecting Green Networks

MAIL:  ecoclickve@gmail.com 

BLOG: http://ecoclickve.blogspot.com 
FACEBOOK: ecoclickve
TWITTER: @ EcoClickve 

Collection of used batteries Campaign 
http://recolectatuspilas. blogspot.com /

 "Never doubt That we to small group of thoughtful, Committed Citizens can change the world. Indeed, the only q They Were achievers"-Margaret Mead

For the sake of the planet, help to reduce only print if absolutely necessary.




Cristina Vaamonde Leáñez

Directora fundadora | AC Una Montaña de Gente UMDG

Miembro del Comité de Áreas Naturales Protegidas | Sociedad Venezolana de Ciencias Naturales SVCN
Promotora del Sistema de Parques Nacionales de Venezuela

Directora fundadora del Observatorio Ambiental Venezolano OAV
Presidenta de la Federación Ambientalista Internacional | Sede Caracas - Vzla
Consejera Editorial de Ciencia y Ambiente | EL NACIONAL

Asesora de la Dirección de Cambio Climático y Gestión de Riesgos de la Cruz Roja Venezolana

+58 424 2487928 | 426 3196518 | 212 537 7434

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